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Installation and Deployment of WiMAX for Campus Network

Dilshad Mahjabeen1, Anis Ahmed2, and Shahida Rafique2


The necessary design steps for the implementation and deployment of WiMAX in a particular region have been discussed. At first, deployment technique and issues of WiMAX campus network are described. A model is proposed for fixed WiMAX connectivity using the WiMAX gateway as a backbone and modem for access purposes. The model is done under some real world application for the campus of University of Dhaka, Republic of Bangladesh. The benefit of WiMAX campus networking is compared with other options. As WiMAX is low cost for both implementation and ongoing charges, it will be the best candidate for Bangladesh to provide high speed Internet through wireless network. Keywords: Fixed WiMAX, Installation of WiMAX, Terrain Type, WiMAX Base Station, WiMAX Gateway.