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Study on grid-tied solar energy system at Dhaka

Khademul Islam, Himangshu Ranjan Ghosh*and Neem Chandra Bhowmik


A grid connected solar energy system enables users to sell any excess power to the electric utility through a plan known as net metering. Study on a virtual power plant with 5kWP solar panels shows that if the household consumption is zero, the plant can deliver 6198kWh electricity to the 220V distribution line of national grid each year. Evaluating the economic value of the plant for 20 years the energy production cost is around 23BDT/kWh while the value is 17 to 37BDT/kWh at the diesel based power plants in national grid. Moreover as the intermittent energy production from the proposed solar power system is less than 5% of the total electricity supply at the distribution lines, the grid electricity quality will not be hampered.